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SYDROSE Translation Services provide the best translation service to the society where it is critical to translate a word, phrase, statement, or document in one language to another.

Whether you are in a meeting facing foreign customers, or comfortably seated in a nice Japanese restaurant, you are often faced with the need to translate from one language to another.

In many cases, rough translation will get the idea across. At other times, average translation cause later regrets; you may face business loss, liability issues, or a dish that was not quite what you had pictured.

We at SYDROSE take concepts expressed in Japanese or English and convert them into the other language. You may want precise word to word translation to resolve legal matters. At other times you just want an accurate picture of what "two piece each HIRAME" means; two thin slices of raw flounder served on top of vinegared rice with a sprinkle of chopped green onion and a touch of soy flavored sour source. Or did that mouthful of words just kill your appetite? How about "Sushi of white meat fish"?

For translating technical material, we put on our engineering hats and face the computer screens. We then translate "Oh, that's wonderful, we doubled our sales" into "We were overwhelmed with joy for revealing that we had increased our revenue by 97%".

Mapping concepts is the key in translation. A language is just one way of describing concepts. Only that there are too many different ones. We just hope that one day, we can put our hands on information storage media and "understand" what is sealed inside. Until that day, we continue to provide the next best thing; translation service.

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