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Business Name SYDROSE LP
General Partner Kenji Iino
Established January, 1988(TECS: Technology Exchange Communication Services)
Partnership July, 2000 (SYDROSE LP)
Capital US$90,000
US Headquarters 475 N. 1st St. San Jose, CA 95112
tel:+1-408-218-2123, fax:+1-408-884-2422
Tokyo Office 29-12-1302 Hongo 5-chome, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113-0033
tel:+81-3-3818-3951, fax:+81-3-5800-6997
Main banks Wells Fargo Bank, Milpitas branch, Mistui-Sumitomo Bank, Hakusan branch
Business Area 1. Adult Education
2. Consulting, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering, and Computer Science
3. Information Processing and Technology Services
4. Technical Translation
5. Other services to support the above operations
History January, 1988 Established TECS in Cupertino, California
January, 1998 Established SYDROSE Translation Services in Milpitas, California
July, 2000 Founded SYDROSE LP in San Jose, California
July, 2002 Opened Tokyo Office

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